What I do

This is a process.

Assess > Architect > Activate

I have a defined process, but every project and every engagement is unique, and not every project needs everything I do. In fact, I try to be as lean and efficient as possible when defining the scope of your project.

You know what else?

I use Agile Marketing (with a test and learn approach) to activate your marketing efforts right away. This lets me develop your customer journey and digital marketing strategy without losing valuable marketing time.

It starts with an assessment of the current situation.

This typically includes a discovery workshop with key stakeholders, talking to users and looking at all your current marketing.  

I’m learning about things like your business goals and objectives, how effective your current marketing is, what your users think and feel, what data you have, what your competition is doing, and what success looks like.

Next, I build marketing strategies and customer journeys that are specific to each unique persona.

I’m not only focusing on digital, but how the online and offline connect with each other. My goal is to create the ideal customer journey that will accomplish your business objectives for each different type of user, not just hit the marketing KPIs that someone told you were important.

I’m looking at the triggers that drive customers from one touchpoint to the next; what they are thinking, feeling, doing at every moment from initial awareness, to acquisition as a customer, and finally becoming a passionate brand advocate of your company. Then I build short-term action plans and multi-year roadmaps to get you to that state.

Finally, I help you put those plans and roadmaps in action.

I can help you activate what comes next, or set you up for your own success.

I’ll map out an Agile Marketing plans that get you started quickly, and outline creating a culture of change management.  I can help identify partners, or focus on building internal resources. I don’t just leave you with a PowerPoint presentation – I make sure that you are setup with as much help as needed to turn roadmaps into results.

(Yeah, that ended with some corny alliteration…but it’s accurate.)

So, along the way – there are lots of different deliverables and activities at each stage of this process. Which tools we use, and what types of insights we need will be unique to each effort.


At the end, this is what you get >>


Well defined marketing and business objectives, KPIs, and identify the challenges faced for success.


Recognize unique customer profiles, understand their Needs, Wants, and Desires - and identify roadblocks that prevent them from moving forward


Visualize your Customer’s Journey and each Customer Experience touchpoint along the acquisition funnel from Awareness to Advocacy


Agile Marketing Plan to take advantage of immediate marketing opportunities


2-5 year roadmap allowing you to prioritize efforts for the most effective return on investment


Drive your digital marketing execution